5 Things to Do Before Transforming Your Body

I want to preface this by saying that you are allowed to want to change the way you look but still love who you are right now. Simply because you want to change your body doesn't make you materialistic or conceited. It makes you human. Appreciate your body for what it is now and throughout every stage, but never feel badly for wanting to change it. It's your body. Yours.

  1. Whatever your goal is, write it down. Learn about setting realistic fitness goals in my blog post, Where Do I Start?
  2. Do your research. Find reputable sources, research papers, and talk to educated and experienced people. Before you start doing anything with your body, even if it is with a coach, you should have your own (at least basic) knowledge of what you are doing and what it takes. Don’t just put yourself in someone elses' hands without knowing something yourself.
  3. If you are looking for a coach/trainer, ask them questions. Ask what type of nutrition lifestyle they will give you (not like, “what should my macros be”, because that is their service you would be paying them for) but whether they will give you a flexible approach or strict meal plan. Ask what type of training they do in a similar fashion. Remember, everything needs to be personalized. If a coach/trainer tries to hide these answers from you, walk away. If a program automatically adds a ton of cardio or double the exercise you are currently doing or calls for you to dramatically drop calories, walk away. With any transformation, cardio and nutrition need to be personalized and adjusted according to how your body reacts. Look for those red flags.
  4. You need to be honest with yourself and have reasonable goals. You should know fitness is not an easy feat, physical progress is incredibly slow, and you will mess up. You need to learn that in order to get results, you need to put in effort. But if you mess up, you need to forgive yourself and get back on track and move on. 
  5. You need to do it for yourself and not to prove anyone wrong or to get back at anyone. You need to gain/lose weight or build muscle because you want to or need to for your mental or physical health and well being.

My own 3 year transformation.